Sunday, September 9, 2012

Saving Max by Antoinette van Heugten

High-powered attorney Danielle Parkman's son, Max, is autistic, smart, and increasingly aggressive. When his behavior becomes dangerous to both him and her she has him admitted to a top-notch psychiatric facility. She soon finds Max unconscious and covered in blood beside a patient that has been brutally murdered. When all signs point to Max, Danielle is determined to fight for her son even if she isn't entirely sure of his innocence.

Once Saving Max picked up a little steam the story got very interesting. It moves quickly and I honestly couldn't decide if I believed Max was innocent or guilty until the end of the book. It's an interesting look at just how far a mother is willing to go for her son.  This book is action packed and even a little disturbing. I wish I could have liked the main characters a little more, perhaps that's why I didn't really find myself rooting for anyone in the book, but the storyline kept my curiosity peaked enough to have me racing to the end. I'm actually surprised by how many bad reviews this book received, I found it to be a quick, exciting read.

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