Saturday, June 1, 2013

Looking for Me by Beth Hoffman

Teddi Overman is the owner of a successful antique shop in Charleston, SC. She has an eye for what can be made beautiful, and maybe that is why she has so much trouble letting go. Teddi's charming southern life is haunted by a family she has disconnected with and the disappearance of her beloved brother. When signs begin to appear that he may still be alive, Teddi begins a journey that will return her to her past in rural Kentucky where she finds more to her family's story and ultimately herself.

Looking for Me is a lovely book. The characters are real and lovable, from the quirky old lady that habitually steals from her shop to her dear best friend that collects Pez dispensers. Teddi's relationship to her mother is fragile and heartbreaking. It is a story of loss, rebirth, searching, and finally hope. The mystery of her missing brother is what will keep you turning the pages, but there is so much more to this book. 

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