Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black

Tana lives in a world where vampires are a real threat to society.  After years of living in hiding, they have made their presence known among the living.  To deal with the problem, Coldtowns (walled cities where vampires and humans coexist) were created.  The only problem is that once you enter a Coldtown you are not permitted to leave. 

One morning after a perfectly ordinary party, Tana wakes up to find a house full of corpses.  The only survivors are her arrogant ex-boyfriend and a boy with red eyes and pale skin. She finds that Aiden, her ex, has been bitten by a vampire and is beginning to go cold.  Gavriel, a vampire, is tied up and weakened by the sun coming in through the cracks in the blinds. Tana is determined to save them both and plans to take them to the nearest Coldtown.  The rescue mission goes as planned until the sun begins to set and the killer vampires emerge from the basement.  Tana attempts to follow Gavriel and Aiden out the window to her car, and is almost free, when vampire teeth make contact with her skin. Once they finally begin their journey, tensions rise as Aiden's blood thirst increases and Tana faces the possibility that she, too, could go cold.  

My Thoughts:
I know, I know... You are probably thinking: "Not another book about vampires."  Please believe me when I tell you that this is nothing like any other vampire book you have read. The slightly futuristic world that Tana lives in is not a pretty one. While most live in fear of being infected, some also desire to become immortal vampires.  Live feeds broadcast the happenings in Coldtowns and this depiction makes the quarantined areas look like exciting, non-stop parties. Once actually inside, humans discover that reality in a Coldtown is very different from how it is shown to be on television.  What I like most about this novel is that the vampires are not romanticized; they are depicted as blood thirsty predators who wreak havoc.  Interestingly enough, some still desire to become a part of the vampire world.  The Coldest Girl in Coldtown is a wholly original story that will leave you thinking about its plot and characters for days after you have read the last pages.  

Note:  I received an advance copy of this book to review.  It is scheduled for release on September 3, 2013.  You can read the first 8 chapters via Amazon and also watch the book trailer (below) in the meantime!

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