Friday, February 7, 2014

One Plus One by JoJo Moyes

Jess Thomas is a single mom just trying to get by.  Her ten year old daughter, Tanzie, is a math genius whose only wish is to attend an elite school for math.  Jess' teenage stepson, Nicky, wears eyeliner and is constantly bullied by neighborhood kids. Jess works two jobs to support Tanzie and Nicky after her husband decided to leave her to find something better.  When the dean at the math school tells Jess about a math competition with a prize that would pay for Tanzie's first year at school, Jess concocts a plan to get them all (including their enormous dog Norman) to the competition.  

When Jess' plan fails, they are left stranded on the side of the rode only to be picked up by one of her cleaning clients.  Because his life has basically fallen apart, Ed decides to give them a ride to the competition.  Three long days of traveling offer up the occasion for Jess and Ed to really get to know one another and both are surprised by what they find. 

My Thoughts:  
In this much anticipated novel, Jojo tells a very unconventional love story.  Ed and Jess live in two different worlds and are thrown together unexpectedly.  True to Jojo's style, she tells a love story that isn't just fluff, but has well developed characters and a plot that will keep you reading all night long.  

Note: I received an advance release copy of this book via Edelweiss. The U.S. expected release date is July 1, 2014.  

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